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At SW Racecar hire we specialise in ‘arrive and drive’ packages where you turn up and drive. We also try to keep ‘EXTRAS’ to a minimum so You do not pay £100 or more for 2nd /3rd driver or passengers, helmet hire, hospitality or fuel. Only extras are the Trackday fee, as these vary considerably depending on date / venue, extra driver insurance Approx £25 / driver, A small additional cost for circuits north of Donington Park / Europe.

We run a fair usage policy of up to 200 track miles (around 4-5hrs track time) this allows car to be rested every so often and we have found is the fairest way to price. For example if you are an average driver not pushing car so hard you will get more time on track. A group of race drivers pushing car very hard will have less allowing car to be rested more. You can share the driving and cost.

We do events all over the UK and Europe. We can even organise corporate events, team Building and Marketing events of 30 people or more with multiple cars, events and exclusive track use. Just contact us with your requirements.

We believe the Track car hire packages we offer give the best value. But if you find a similar car for less we can match that price and package. But please be aware this may include reduced time on track and use.

Items included in Full day / Half day price are:




UK trackdays   




Half day / Eve 100 miles

Full day 200 miles

Additional miles

Radical SR3 RS




Radical SR3




Caterham R400




Caterham R300 SL




Porsche 911




Renault Clio Cup




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