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Video of our Porsche Boxster
SW Racecar hire is run by motorsport professionals who love the sport and actively compete. The race cars we hire we believe are the best in their respective class’ and offer a wide variety of cars for complete novices right up to professional drivers.

We have even had several F1, GP2  and F2 drivers hiring our cars when they need to learn circuits. They know they can get the exclusive use, and the maximum amount of track time. In a car that is setup to race.

If your a complete novice, don’t worry we can ease you into the trackday experience with instruction and easy to handle race cars.

We are not the cheapest and don’t want to be. but we believe when you compare our benefits, we offer the best value for money.

When you look at the performance of a car you don’t just look at power you also take into consideration the weight, ‘BHP/Ton’. When you look at our events we know you’ll appreciate the amount of track time you get for you money or ‘laps / pound’

Porsche Boxster - £299 + £2.00 / mile





We are making our more affordable cars even better value. By offering Costs / mile. So you only pay for how much you use the car. So a single novice going slower and using car less will pay less than a more experienced group of drives.


Price is £299.00 + £2.00 / mile We still include our usual extras like fuel, tyres, wear and tear, video. (Trackday fees extra) The £299 covers our cost of getting to track, insurance etc: As an idea an average driver would cover about 16 miles in a 20min stint with a couple of 20min stints per hour this totals approx 200 miles covered.


As track day fees vary massively these are still extra


Please get in touch for further details

***New Rate from £299 + £2.00 / mile***